10mm sci fi

All our metal miniatures are cast to the highest standards using lead free pewter. We supply wargaming products worldwide to the discerning wargamer and collector. We hope you enjoy looking around the site. On a positive note, these rather peculiar current circumstances do create a great opportunity for many gamers to self-isolate, paint armies and build their terrain!

A collection of photos from Hammerhead at Newark Showground. The 20 x 40mm brown plastic bases are now back in stock. Our stocks of all base sizes in both brown and blue have been heavily depleted in recent months. For more details follow the link here. Full report and lots of photos available on the fourm! Click here for full report.

Visit our Social media. Phalanx St Helens 20th June. Claymore Edinburgh 1st August. Colours Newbury 12th September. Fiasco Leeds 25th October.

Crisis Antwerp 7th November.

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How to Pre-order. Shopping Basket. Hexon - Hex Terrain. Hexon Terrain Features. Non-Hex Terrain Features. Resin Features. Trees, Flock and Scatter. American War of Independence. American Civil War. Space Dreadnought Dice and Counters. Figure Bases. Raging Empires Templates. WW1 Raging Empires. Rules Support.After a long hiatus due to health and life issues I am finally getting back to regular painting and actually enjoying some gaming.

I recently found out that one of my work colleagues was nuts about wargaming, even more than me. How could he resist epic scale gaming with big Mechanica. There has also been several additions to the Vanguard Miniatures 3mm and 6mm ranges with the miniatures from the successful crowd funder campaign now available via the store. There has been an explosion in the amount of 15mm miniatures released recently by new companies and old. A lot utilizing 3d computer design certainly for vehicles and to a lesser extent carbon forms.

I have been battling over which scale to collect when I eventually return to Fantasy mass battles and if I will go down the LOTR route of Warhammer fluff. If I had the money and the more importantly the space it would be 28mm LOTR as there are some beautiful not Games Workshop miniatures out there. So basically that leaves 6, 10 or 15mm, all have some great miniature ranges but unfortunately not what I can say is a complete range for either of my two projects.

10mm City Blocks/Modern/Sci-Fi

For 6mm there is Microworld Miniatures in the US which has an ever expanding range with some excellent miniatures, especially their recent Goblins and Ratkins. They also have an upcoming High Elf line which looks very promising. Do I want to recreate that again?

Not only Third Age but the Epic battles of the Silmarillion. There are plenty of miniatures around, both historical and Fantasy that can be used, but for the look and the feel for me anyway the best High Elves are the Games Workshop Warmaster range. Unfortunately I only have a few of these left and those available on ebay are either too expensive or of poor quality. Over the years I have dabbled in 15mm Fantasy but I must admit this scale has a dearth of good quality miniatures. I did stumble across a great Undead range from Magister Militum and collected a lovely army pictured below.

Khurasan have a Beastman range in the pipeline which I am getting rather excited about. Ever since my early days collecting a Beastman Army for WH Fantasy Battles I have always wanted to collect another n the smaller scales. I must mention Battle Valor games who appeared a few years ago releasing a large and expanding range of 15mm Fantasy.

These are geared towards their own fluff which is fine and they have quite a few creative miniatures. I bought a selection of Undead which are the best I have seen recently and will go extremely well with the Magister Militum miniatures.

15mm HOF Science Fiction Range

I also got a selection of their Elves as they fit my image of High Elves. I know there is a fair amount of praise for these miniatures but other than the Undead I am not convinced. They are also cast in very soft pliable alloy, which is good in some ways, but lead to breakages and bent weapons etc. Also more could have been done with differing horse poses.

I took a look at some of the new 3D designed 6mm sci fi armour from Brigade Models. Anyone for Dirtside? Anyway lets get back on track. The show was originally scheduled for the first week in March but due to significant snow fall it was cancelled at the last minute and rescheduled for 28th April.

Plans started taking shape just after Christmas and were just about ready by the end of February. The rescheduling did give some breathing space for some much needed play-testing of the rules. Dominion Wars Setup Video. The doors opened at Once everyone had done the initial tour of games and traders the table started getting interest with the first game kicking off around Luckily my helper for the day Richard Laking arrived in time so we could alternate between running the game and answering questions from interested on lookers.

Managing two full games we received positive feedback from all, enjoying the quick play mechanics together with gamer interaction.

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And of course much admiration for the miniatures. We even had a visit from the Terrain Tutor you can check out his video on the side bar our table is at minutes.Really nice modeling work, Norm. Your post makes my creative juices start to warm up.

Really nice work there, sir. Cheers Roger. Jay, I think you would enjoy the freedom of tinkering with a sci-fi system, while having the sort of game space 8 x 6 grid that we both appreciate.

Open The box : Decors Sci FI 10mm bouche de metro

Roger, I agree, the walkers could be better and are slightly awkward to assemble because the top half is slightly off balance from the legs, you need a fairly fast drying glue, once the two pieces are locked together they are fine. I had recently bought some Games Workshop Cadians to experiment with doing a similar project in 28mm, but I think the small scale works better for me and it pushes the game up one level from strictly skirmish, while keeping the table small.

I enjoyed your blog - and think you may end up painting your son's Aliens In the time you have acquired the figures and painted them i have Very jealous. They have come up really well.

10mm sci fi

The whole way through I was thinking what rules were you going to use. I should have known - your own :- Duh! Hi Shaun, I am quite pleased with how the rules are working out, a lot of little nuances cropping up on the battlefield - though the 'busy' nature of city terrain helps that. This must be the fasted project that I have done from purchase to play, which is good for keeping the motivation going. Very nice work. I've never seen Pendraken 10mm figures up close, but I may have to now that I've seen what you have accomplished.

Damn--I've got to quit reading blogs like yours--too inspirational. Like I need another project!

10mm sci fi

Best regards, Chris Johnson. Hi Chris, thanks for commenting. The good thing about this particular project was that for a new 'thing' it was relatively cheap and fast to put together. Due to the vehicles and 'large' aliens - this looks less like a 10mm game than some other periods would look.

Good to get a lot of game into such a compact area though. Wednesday, 15 July Building Sci-Fi forces in 10mm. One being a Marine army and the other looking suitably Alien. Marine Dreadnought The armies are relatively small, cheap and paint up really quickly, so make the ideal starter project that is more likely to be seen through to a conclusion.

The rest of this post looks at how the armies were put together, with a few shots of them in action. Having taken a year to get the basis of my 12mm ACW force up and running and having two 10mm napoleonic armies next in the queue, I fancied a fast and fun distraction project.

Two Sci-fi armies from Pendraken fitted the bill perfectly for some small table action. What surprised me most was that I had this stuff all ready for gaming within ten days.

10mm sci fi

I also had a single bag of 5 Alien creatures that I had previously added to my pre-order list for the Phalanx wargame show, as I had wanted to assess the figures anyway for a project - it just so happened that on the day I also went ahead and bought the army packs as an impulse buy. Pendraken do a good selection of MDF bases, so a few of them were added to the purchase to supplement my growing stash of wood.

In the future I might buy a few individual bags of kit to 'grow' my forces, but there is plenty enough here to get some good gaming done. The first job was to clean up the figures and glue the heavier pieces to their bases ready for priming. These are fairly weighty models.This is as near to an exhaustive list as I can provide.

The comments about each range are of course just my opinion. Please form your own by visiting these excellent sites! This is a storefront rather than a maker of 15mm sci-fi but they have a nice little selection from various other makers like Alternative Armies, Pendraken, Ral Partha Europe, Blue Moon, Laserburn, and Ground Zero. Just infantry really, no vehicles, though they have some nice sci-fi terrain too.

This is the parent site of 15mm. The range is extremely large and varied, with human and alien figures and plenty of vehicles.

Earth Force Marines Army

Their models, particularly those of Loud Ninja, are what got me interested in 15mm sci-fi to begin with. Definitely a must-visit site. A large range of near future communist bloc inspired human infantry and vehicles, including many APCs and specialised wheeled vehicles and a VTOL. A small range of very clean looking futuristic ground vehicles including a Nolan Batmobile style ADV, and a Shirow inspired spider mech. The Martin Empires line, referred to as 18mm scale, are nonetheless in line with some 15mm miniatures.

They are a combination of Victorian tech, steampunk, Burroughs inspired martians, and Wells inspired cephalopods. A good range of slightly old fashioned but very characterful figures, and some clean, sharp looking hovertanks and bipedal walker mechs. A nice range of sci-fi infantry, especially Dwarf and Goblinoid themed ones.

The Warp Renegades selection could also make some good mutants or otherworldly cultists. Has a small selection of vehicles too. I think if you want to proxy some 40k Squat at 15mm this would be an especially good port of call. A very impressive and very large range of future human forces based on current earth nations; both infantry and vehicles. Mostly APCs and tanks with one or two combat walkers. They also have some excellent terrain and accessories.

They also have some ewok style little furry alien natives. Overall an excellent and very well regarded supplier in the community — definitely check them out.

Definitely one of the big ones, CMG has four forces one human, three very much alien with many vehicles and figures for each.Sorry - only verified members can start new topics on the forum.

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Enter the term you want to find in a message, and press Search. Back to the Science Fiction Message Boards. Soldier's Companion. Topics Sorted by Last Post. Skitarii Demi-Century. Goff Orks for NetEpic Gold. Bug Sign! I was doing Impulsor Tech before GW! Future War Commander: Battletech? My 6mm CinC Raptors. Worm Sign! Demon Princes for my 6mm Chaos Forces. Where are the Cimexian?


Old Computer Font, s decals. Super Heavy Tank Contest. Some of my Squat Vehicles. Ogre Decals. OGRE Decals. Strato Minis - New 6mm Previews. Onslaught Miniatures - New 6mm Tank Preview. Hammer's Slammers TF Legion. Ground Zero Games - image gallery of 6mm miniatures. Do you use pigments for painting 6mm miniatures? Single basing 6mm figures Onslaught Miniatures - New 15mm,10mm and 6mm Releases. Tactical Command Forums 'Warning' in browsers.Being cooped up at home under quaratine is stressful.

The Hydra store was temporarily closed but has now been reopened. We are doing a lot of work on Atomic Tank during quarantine and could really use some extra cash to keep things rolling. This 14 page supplement describes the history of the mysterious Moth Men, gives stats for their biomechanical rockets, and introduces a new weapon--the cocoon cannon. In addtion, the supplement is full of new scenarios, new fiction and four new imfamous fleets.

War Rocket fans will be excited to know that the first Moth Men rockets are ready for and we are having a contest to celebrate their release. Although the full Moth Man fleet is still in development, the Moth Man class 1Moth Man class 2and Moth Man squadron boxed sets are being released.

10mm sci fi

These incredible insect-inspired rockets were conceptualized and sculpted by the incredibly talented David Leppink Sublimate. In the meantime, be the first kid on the block to get the new Moth Man figs!. We are excited to announce the release of our Valkeeri Mind Slaves sculpted by the immensely talented Boris Szuster Woloszyn.

The Valkeeri are known to raid colonies and capture male slaves. The less desirable male slaves are destined for a short life in the radium mines or rocket shipyards, but the best specimens are trained as gladiators who fight for the amusement of their Valkeeri masters.

The Valkeeri have strong mind control powers, and Mind Slaves are often seen on the battlefield under the direction of Valkeeri Controllers.

The Mind Slaves are 32mm heroic scaled miniatures and have two variant poses. They can be purchased as a pack of twoas singles, or in a unit with a Valkeeri Controller.

Thanks again for all your support! First Name. Last Name.Anyone else going to SoloCon this weekend? Just finished a 'Razorback' proxie, and now will work on the scout teams in the front. Base coats done, ready for varnish and then washing. I'd like to welcome all of you to special online event Polish Virtual Salute Polish companies answer for cancelled event in London. You can find there a lot of special deals from us and our friends.

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Larry Boester created a poll. Pick the greatest lone-vehicle rampage ever. As always, please, no wagering Michael Tracey 15 April at Does anyone know if there is a company selling 15mm Harook? Donald Maddox 16 hrs. James Martin shared a link.

Here to secure social justice for the good people of Hazzard! Or if it is playing out the way you wanted, wel…. Fred Richards 8 hrs. I think it works out better that I run these guys in 5 man combat teams. Nathan Whitchurch shared a photo.

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