440 source rods

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Description Item Number. Stroker Kits. Connecting Rods. Main Stud Girdles. Engine Block Hardware. Piston Rings. Cooling System. Fuel Systems. Dampers Balancers. Engine Front End Kits. Engine Fasteners. Gaskets and Seals. Power Steering. Main Caps. Rear Seal Caps.The rest of us were forced to cobble our Mopar big-block stroker combinations together by stuffing welded-up cranks and big-block Chevy connecting rods into low-deck B series blocks to get cubes.

The resulting rotating assembly was hardly a drop-in proposition and required plenty of block-grinding and expensive Mallory metal for balancing. Worse, the block's shorter 9. The only exotic effort involves boring the block 0. If it weren't for the cylinder boring, you could realistically install this kit in a weekend.

Imagine pulling your Mopar into the garage on Friday night and emerging Monday morning with a cube torque machine. Our test subject, a mild hp, lb-ft, cast-gut Mopar grew into a hp, lb-ft stormer after the stroker swap and cam upgrade.

Plus, it revs like a small-block now. There's more— Source offers no less than sixty-one B series and RB series big-blockbased stroker kits that'll deliver up to reliable cubic inches with compression ratios to suit any need. Every one of these kits consists of brand-new parts and is kept in stock for immediate shipment and instant gratification for all parties involved.

Let's watch as Donald Wood and the guys at R. Auto Machine in Ludlow, Massachusetts, explore the Source stroker kit and see what it has to offer.

Mopar Performance; Mopar. Play Doh; Hasbro. Steve Magnante writer.

Stroker kits... 440 Source? Eagle?

Mopar Tranformation Sources. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.For too many years, the Mopar has been ignored by car crafters blinded by the extra cubes of its cousin, the wedge. But aside from a cube difference, the two engines shared the same cylinder heads, camshafts, four-barrel carburetors, rocker arms, oil pumps, oil pans, water pumps, valve covers, and numerous other bits.

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The major difference between these two Mopar legends is the deck height of the block: 9. This disparity is what gives each engine its name, with the and its, and inch siblings known as the low-deck B-series wedge and the and its and cube relatives referred to as the raised-deck RB-series.

440 source rods

And so it has been—ever since the arrival of the — owners have been stuck in a shadow some 57 cubes shy of the big However, thanks to the visionaries at Carson City, Nevada's Source, owners can take that cube disadvantage and nearly double it with a stroker kit that bumps the a full ci to a total of big ones.

This has nothing to do with the Frankenstein combinations from the old days where used cranks were turned down to fit the smaller main bearing saddles and big-block Chevy rods mated to expensive custom pistons to yield ci.

Those days are over.

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The Source stroker kit consists of entirely new parts, all of them precision-machined from forged blanks and completely balanced for quick and easy assembly into your block. In this story, let's tune in as Donnie Wood and the team at R. Auto Machine give a sleepy two-barrel a new lease on life while also exploring the impact of intake and exhaust tract upgrades on the dyno.

Now 27, Mike's initial plan was to score a rebuildable core to replace the two-barrel. But high asking prices and the fact that local offerings were all post cast crank units forced a rethink. The uneven stock deck heights measured 9. The Source kit we chose PN delivers 9. The material removed from the decks here will raise the squeeze to just underperfect for use with octane unleaded pump gas.

The cylinder bores were enlarged 0. At 67 pounds, the stroker crank foreground weighs 3 pounds less than the stock unit. Forged from shot-peened steel, the main and rod journals are fully radiused to eliminate stress risers, then nitrite-hardened to a depth of 0. The output flange is even drilled for manual-transmission applications.

440 source rods

Stroker bottom and stock top compared; the reduced distance between the piston pin and piston crown works with the 0. To help the block digest it all, the stock 2. In addition to the crank, rods, bearings and pistons, the kit also includes Total Seal file-fit moly rings, full-floating 0. Depending on which pistons you choose, compression ratios ranging from 9. Again, every kit is pre-balanced and shipping is free to the lower 48 states. As with any stroker kit installation, some trial fitment is mandatory before final assembly.

The Source website says some blocks will accept the increased swing arc without any internal crankcase grinding. Ours wasn't one of them. The pen points to where the oil pickup tube boss needed a small nibble. During final assembly, the ARP rod bolts will be tightened to 65 lb-ft. The finger points to the clearance notches that R. They allow safe passage of the connecting rod bolt heads and have no bearing on block strength.

Naturally, the entire assembly was torn down and thoroughly cleaned in the hot tank after necessary grinding was completed. They rely less on overbored cylinders since the lighter block—a product of the smog seventies—has much thinner cylinder walls than the About Us and Other Info. Customer Rides. Quick Order.

440 source rods

Wish List. Worldwide Dealers. Contact Us. Store Policies. Description Item Number. Stroker Kits. Connecting Rods. Main Stud Girdles. Engine Block Hardware.

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Piston Rings. Cooling System. Fuel Systems. Dampers Balancers. Engine Front End Kits. Engine Fasteners.

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Gaskets and Seals. Power Steering. Main Caps. Rear Seal Caps. Engine Support.Keep an eye on our new "Customer's Rides" page as we add more and more super cool and super quick! Mopars running our Stroker Kits, Stealth Aluminum Cylinder Heads and other parts, as well as magazine articles and other builds featuring our products. Over the last decade, we have seen our stroker kits, heads and many other parts running in all 50 states and over 15 countries around the world!

Thanks again to all our brand new and repeat customers. Don't be scared or misled by the competitions sales talk and fear mongering, instead ask them how you can argue with these types of quarter mile times, and these types of RESULTS! The kit dropped in the block with almost no clearancing, and they picked up an extra 75 horsepower.

And, that was with mildly ported factory iron heads. A set of our Stealth aluminum heads would have really woken that thing up!

Check out the new January issue of Mopar Muscle Magazine. Winners are announced in the April issue, the highest horsepower engines first, second and fourth place ALL used our Aluminum Stealth Cylinder heads, beating out other brands of heads costing hundreds or thousands more!

Do our parts work? Using a Source crankshaft, they made 1, horsepower with a procharger!! Still running great! Mopar Muscle Feb. Mopar Action: Feb. Dave Dudek used our 4. Hemi engine build.

Check it out on page Mopar Muscle: August issue. Their engine made over horsepower in the challenge. My engine was built with everything from source stroker kit, heads, rocker arms, water pump housing, valve covers, etc. I could not believe the torque and horse power it made. It madehp and almost torque! I included a couple of pictures of the dyno sheet and motor with this email Thanks! Audy also has a '73 Cuda doorslammer running our parts that does 8. We are expecting to test the limit much harder in the future!

Not worried one bit about the quality of your parts that we have run for quite awhile with no failures. Thanks for good affordable parts! The best quarter mile pass has been a 9. Comment, Sept "The car is all steel with a Source stroker kit pushing it to a best so far of We are very happy with all the parts and are on the list for a new block when they become available.

Keep up the good work! Comment: "I would like to thank you for a quality, affordable option for my old Mopars. I also have attached a pic of my car with some of the basic specs. Thanks again, John Johnson".

Al Zahner". Comment: "Hello from Canada. Street tuned, pounds went Mike's first trip to the track at Rockingham with his brand new Source stroked motor produced the following results!Platinum Series Rods:.

New Life for Mopar 383 Big-Block

Our Platinum series rods listed below are the highest quality rods we offer. We encourage you to shop around and do your research, because we know that no one else offers such a high quality product at an incredibly affordable price. Compare these manufacturing processes, specs and tolerances with the competition:. All our Platinum Series rods start with super strong aircraft quality steel, certified to meet or exceed SAE Society of Automotive Engineers standards.

We constantly pull samples and run tests on the chemical composition of our raw steel to make sure it meets every index included in the specifications. Once we have verified the raw materials are up to spec, we then use a medium frequency sensing electrical furnace to heat the steel up in preparation for forging. Using an electrical furnace ensures that the entire batch of steel is heated to a uniform temperature throughout. This drastically reduces the possibility of carbonization and cracks in the forgings.

We then forge both the rod beam and rod cap separately a two piece forging to ensure that each piece has the correct grain direction. Forging the rod cap separately guarantees that the grain structure runs perpendicular to the extreme loads put on the rod during operation. To visualize how this makes the rod stronger, imagine tearing a piece of paper into two halfs, with each hand pulling in an opposite direction. It will rip fairly easily, since you are ripping against the grain.

Now imagine "stretching" the paper, or pulling it apart at both ends in opposite directions. It will be much harder to get the paper to rip, since you are pulling with the grain.

This is the same concept, magnified by thousands of times.

440 source/push rod clearance issue

Other than examining the grain structure under a microscope, there is NO WAY to visually tell a one piece forging rod from a two piece. To the naked eye, they look identical. To manufacture a one piece rod, the rod is simply cut from a piece of plate, making it considerably cheaper to make. We have had customers bring in failed "no-brand" rods they found super cheap off the internet or at a swap meet, and upon closer inspection, they turned out to be one piece forgings.

Next, the raw forgings are heat treated in multiple stages on an automatically controlled continuous furnace production line. This multi-stage heat treating significantly improves the mechanical properties strength, resiliency, etc of the forgings while also ensuring these properties are uniform throughout the entire piece.

After heat treating, the forgings go through a rigorous process of being X rayed from 4 sides A minimum of six separate times! Forgings that pass the test are then fully polished to obtain a smooth surface, decrease the amount of stress put on the forging during machining, and prepare the rods for shot peening.

Rods are then shot peened. This is a process in which the surface of the rods are bombarded with smooth round steel shot. Each shot ball leaves a smooth spherical impression, compacting the surface of the rod and causing a compressive surface stress which closes up the grain structure of the rod on a microscopic level. Since rods can fail from tensile loads opening up tiny surface flaws, this microscopically "compressed" surface of the steel greatly reduces the possibility of any stress cracks developing by not giving them a place to "start.

Next, the rods enter the process of Oil Simmering. They are bathed in a high temperature oil bath to help relieve the stress generated from the above processes. A Silicon Bronze bushings are installed in the small ends for full floating piston pins. This helps to ensure proper bearing "crush.

Throughout manufacturing, rods are randomly pulled.User Name Remember Me? Password Mark Forums Read. Click here to search for Mopar cars and parts for sale. I have to get a set of rods for my stroker as the combo came with a wierd rod and ford piston setup, at least the crank is a forged turned down properly. I've heard alot of flack about source lately, so I am wondering if that is a decent move, I'de hate for a conrod to let go cause I'm cheap, but while I may be cheap, I'm not stupid.

This engine may see the ocasional rpm shift point with a stall turnin a and 's out back on street tires, pretty tame cruiser realy. I may leave in the Brock hyd stick or go with a Comp XEHL nitrided for her pleasure and my peace of mind, and the slugs will most likely be KB's.

What have you guys tried and what do you recommend? Uhh I would really stay away from those E-Bay rods, they state to have "cap screws" however the pictures just show rod bolts, which don't even look to be of ARP quality I am using some CAT rods in mymy machinist stated that he doesn't buy them, but he couldn't find anything wrong with them, and just had to do a little bit of fitment on the pin, and they weighed out perfectly I bought a stroker kit from source for my Hemi, was real happy with all the parts I got, they are easy to talk to also, you never know what your dealing with on ebay although I still buy a lot of stuff on ebay beacuse source doesn't deal with small blocks.

440 Source rods

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