Xcode vs 23andme

Xcode Life is an independent entity. No other brand name or logo mentioned on this website is affiliated with Xcode Life. These reports inform customers about their genetic predisposition to certain diseases and conditions, that may or may not exist in the family history. That was the first time the FDA approved a direct-to-consumer genetic test. Three years back, the federal agency had banned the Silicon Valley-based company from providing health reports for lack of agency authorization.

As a result, the firm had stopped providing health-based genetic reports. The company, however, continued to sell the ancestry reports and provided the uninterpreted genome raw data. The raw genetic data is a list of all the genetic variants analyzed in the microarray chip, with their chromosome position and genotype. When 23andMe discontinued their health reports, consumers began using this raw data to get health reports from other websites.

According to the FDA, 23andMe had produced satisfactory evidence to show that their health test is reproducible, and could correctly identify the genetic variants from a given DNA sample. The 23andMe health report covers 4 main aspects:. The FDA approved 23andMe health reports covers the following traits and conditions:. The final report contains information on whether an individual has the variants associated with those genetic disorders.

xcode vs 23andme

This may also include information like the percentage lifetime risk of developing a certain condition. Just the presence or absence of a gene variant is not always relevant for people to develop the condition. Genetic risk is among several risk factors for any given condition. This is the case with any genetic test and not just the 23andMe health test.

The challenge lies in educating the customers on the correct way to interpret consumer health genetic test results. In the clinical scenario, genetic testing is often only used in cases where routine tests give ambiguous results or as supportive evidence. The concern is that individuals may make changes to their lives solely based on these reports. The development of a disease or a condition also depends on factors like the environment and lifestyle. Microarray genotyping, the test on which the 23andMe health reports are based, looks at specific gene variants that have been linked to these diseases.

The FDA has instructed 23andMe to include information describing the limitations of these tests in the reports and website from where people can make an informed decision.

2020 Update: Free tools for 23andMe, AncestryDNA, FTDNA raw data analysis

It identifies genetic markers known as single-nucleotide polymorphisms SNPs. Since the reports are based on SNPs they may be more applicable to certain populations than others.Make informed decisions about how to improve your health based on your genetic predispositions. We never sell your data. Collect your sample and mail it in to the lab. Unlock your DNA results and genetic insights.

We are helping thousands of people live better lives every day. Find out why our users trust us. Very concise but thorough analysis on topics most doctors won't talk about although a number of studies are out there. SelfDecode is a extensive information resource that doesn't "dumb down" technical information, yet makes available information in a highly readable and comprehensive way.

SelfDecode cross references in such a way that any potential inquiry can provide insights I haven't seen available anywhere else. I love being able to access this information on my terms. No doctor has this detailed information. I can study and try new things and check results. Very grateful for the ability to access this information.

With our DNA wellness reports, we compile the genes and variants relevant to a specific topic and give you science-based natural recommendations about how you can overcome your genetic weaknesses.

Every year that you renew, you will get 2 extra reports free. Professional plan subscribers have unlimited access to gene reports. The Symptoms and Conditions analyzer allows you to narrow your search to genes that are the most relevant to your symptoms and health conditions. Not all rare SNPs are bad, but some that are particularly rare can contribute to your symptoms. The substance explorer predicts potential substances medications, vitamins, or supplements that may benefit you based on your bad genes and SNPs.

It can also reveal which substances or toxins are particularly bad for you. You can bookmark the genes that you are interested in to explore more specific substance recommendations for each one.

View trait interpretations in 74 different health categories within 9 different packages, including:. The health categories section is a great place to get an initial overview of your genetic weaknesses and strengths. You can also bookmark any genes that you want to check out later in more detail.

FTDNA, AncestryDNA and 23andme raw data Interpretation/Analysis

For practitioners, you can look at gene packs of interest to your clients. For example, if you are talking to someone on the forum, you can request to compare your genes with them!

This allows us to provide the most comprehensive health reports and accurately deduce actionable recommendations. You will fully own your genetic data, having access to both your raw data and genetic insights on SelfDecode. To see a list of all SNPs that we cover, see our sample genotype file here. Our science team scours hundreds of peer-reviewed studies each week to bring you the newest findings from the cutting edge of genetics research.

The health industry can be an unregulated minefield. Alternatively, you could look into whole genome sequencing which can provide you with information on all 10 million SNPs and many other types of genetic variations.

They say genetics loads the gun, while the environment pulls the trigger. Therefore, it is important to understand your genes in the context of your diet and lifestyle. Understanding your genetic tendencies can tell you a lot about whether your diet, lifestyle, or certain remedies, are working for or against you. Many people with brain fog carry the risk allele -- E4 -- and do better with less meat and animal products in their diet. Whether you seek to optimize your health or overcome a pre-existing issue, getting your DNA genotyped will tell you a lot about your body and open doors to effective gene-targeted protocols.

Humans have about 10 million single nucleotide polymorphisms SNPsthe majority of which have no effect on health. To make genotyping affordable, DNA testing companies focus on a subset most relevant to their goals, such as for identifying ancestral lineage or for health research.

Among these, approximatelyvariants overlap with 23andme V5 and 70, with V4 [ R ].Xcode Life is a biotechnology company founded back in and headquartered in Chennai, the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Xcode Life specializes in bioinformatics, genetics, personalized genomics, preventive health, nutritional genomics, fitness genetics, nutrigenomics, and nutrigenetics. The main goal of the company is to empower physicians, wellness professionals, and individuals with precise and actionable genomic data, which can positively impact and improve their health and quality of life.

Visit Website. After submitting your raw DNA data, all you have to do is wait for your personal report to be generated. Xcode Life aims to change the way we perceive ourselves by providing us with vital info stored in our genes. Here are some of the main benefits of using its services:.

Instead, it operates with raw DNA data files generated by other companies. You are in no way obligated to pick one of these tests.

Mixed Family Takes 23andMe DNA Test - Surprising Ancestry Result of Japanese Man

This report includes more than 33 different categories, such as tendency to overeat, vitamin A requirements, phosphate requirement, vitamin B12 requirement, selenium requirement, tendency to consume fats, vitamin B6 requirements, zinc requirements, tendency to consume sweet foods, vitamin B9 requirements, antioxidant needs, tendency to prefer bitter foods, vitamin C, caffeine metabolism, carbohydrate intake and weight gain tendency, vitamin D requirements, alcohol metabolism, fiber intake and weight loss tendency, vitamin D requirements, gluten sensitivity, saturated fat intake, vitamin K requirements, lactose intolerance, MUFA intake and weight gain tendency, calcium requirements, vitamin B2 requirements, PUFA intake and weight gain tendency, choline deficiency, alcohol flush reaction, protein intake and weight loss tendency, copper requirements, salt sensitivity, tendency to regain weight, iron requirements, and magnesium requirements.

Gene Fitness covers more than 15 different categories, including endurance, aerobic and heart capacity, power, hand grip strength, flexibility, tendon strength, ligament strength, lung capacity, exercise motivation, likelihood of injury, exercise recovery, insulin sensitivity with exercise, likelihood of fatigue, HDL cholesterol level with exercise, and weight loss or weight gain with exercise. The covered categories include FDA approved BRCA gene markers, BRCA1 markers, BRCA2 markers, breast cancer risk, breast and ovarian cancer risk, breast and other cancers risk, early-onset breast cancer risk, hormone receptors in breast cancer risk, breast cancer risk in men, breast cancer prognosis, breastfeeding duration and breast cancer risk, breast size and breast cancer risk, hormone precursor levels and breast cancer risk, menopausal therapy and breast cancer risk.

The report also covers more than 75 cancer-related drugs and your individual response to them. With this report, you can discover your carrier status regarding more than different genetic diseases and conditions.

This option includes all individual reports. Additionally, the company will also disclose your data if requested to do so by law. The DNA results came quickly. I was impressed with the presentations and color coding. Based on what I already know from 23andme data, and my lifestyle, it provided even more valuable information than I anticipated. I will make some changes to my meal plans, as well as exercise program. However, there were a couple of places where it was wrong.

I originally wanted to purchase these reports to find out more about food insensitivities that I might have because I have been suffering from some symptoms for a while. Not only did it confirm for me what I had been suspecting, it also gave me insight into so many other things going on.

There is so much information in these reports and it really is interesting to learn more about myself. The pricing is also very reasonable as compared to the others and my results were delivered well within the 24 hours promised.

I am so glad I went with Xcode Life as the reports are extremely easy to read. I originally went with another company and could not make sense of my report at all. Very happy with this decision!To read your Promethease review report you will need to ensure that you are accustomed to some of the terms that are found in their report like magnitude and repute. It is difficult to sift through thousands of pages in your report.

Once you organize the pages as per your unique needs it becomes a relatively easy task to. Promethease is a do-it-yourself DIY tool for health genetic information from 23andMe raw data. It is a third party online tool that provides consumers information about their genetic variants and how they affect your health.

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After 23andme FDA ban on providing health reports, people started using tools like Promethease to get more information from their DNA raw dataother than just locating distant cousins.

Though Promethease is a good tool built on a repository like SNPedia there are a number of factors to consider before you decide to upload your raw data to Promethease. There are many alternatives to Promethease to analyze your 23andme raw data, that are easy to follow and understand. Below we present a feature by feature comparison between Promethease and Xcode Life Sciences.

Promethease was one of the early companies to offer health reports based on 23andme data. When the FDA briefly banned 23andme from providing health reports, Promethease was the only alternative and gained popularity because of its almost free service. Promethease takes approximately 20 minutes to generate health report from your raw data.

Promethease provides the genetic risk for a number of diseases. Many users try the Promethease reports due to the cost aspect. However, there are several reports of panicked and confused Promethease users online.

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Promethease is a wiki-style collection of peer curated not expert-curated genetic information. A Promethease report is essentially a data dump, leaving the user to wade through a whole lot of science, statistics, charts, and graphs. This is great for people who want to geek out and want to learn about all sorts of diseases they can get!!

Which Ancestry DNA Test is Best? 23AndMe vs. Ancestry DNA vs. Family Tree DNA

However, if you want organized information that you can use in specific aspects of daily life such as Nutrition, Fitness, Personalized medicine, etc. Please be aware that your report may cause you anxiety. Many individuals carry risk variants that will not manifest in the form of a disease. Promethease report will indicate that your risk for several diseases is several times higher than the normal population- be prepared!

You will find many forums on the internet where users have shared their experience of being alarmed by their Promethease report and did further testing for that condition. A lot of people think that getting the additional health report from 23andme will help them get better results.

That is not true! Whether you order the Health report or the Ancestry report from 23andme, the raw data you receive is the same! This third party DNA raw data analysis tool, is a literature retrieval system from SNPedia which is a Wikipedia style repository where people can add information. It is not a systematic risk assessment tool. Instead, you will get a list of scientific literature that is available that indicates or does not indicate your risk for AD for a specific variant.

For a particular disease or trait, if there are 15 articles that report on that particular DNA location, based on your SNPs 2 information sources might indicate an increased risk, 5 might be neutral, and 3 towards the lower side. Promethease does not summarise these for you. Rather it returns all these 10 articles and makes you do the interpreting yourself. This is the major reason why many individuals are alarmed and confused by their Promethease report.

xcode vs 23andme

The vast majority of human traits are polygenic, meaning, several genes contribute towards that trait. Even if one carries a disease variant, they may also be carrying variants that reduce the risk of disease. Even in the case of Monogenic conditions- where one single gene leads to disease, scientist have found individuals carrying these deadly mutations but apparently healthy with no sign of disease.

So, one must consider all of these things in interpreting their report. Promethease only relies on SNPedia.At-home DNA testing kits have surged in popularity recently, due to their affordability and ease of use, as well as the sheer number that are available to shop right now. Different brands have different capabilities in terms of the information they can extract.

Some can give you insight into your ancestors' migration patterns. Others can help you track down living relatives you may have never known about. Some kits can even tell you which diseases or health complications you may be at risk for. The variety of DNA testing kits out there has made shopping for the right one tricky business. We've broken down five of the most popularto help you better understand exactly what each kit does, what you should look for while shopping for an at-home DNA kit, and which brand is right for you.

The idea is to help simplify your search so you can spend less time shopping and more time uncovering your family history. At-home DNA testing kits can give you an idea of how your ancestors migrated over time by breaking down the ethnicities present in your own strands of DNA. Some of these kits can also give you other information like vulnerabilities to certain diseases, or even the genetic history of your dog.

At their core, DNA testing kits rely on analyzing a person's 22 autosomes the numbered chromosomes, as opposed to the X and Y sex chromosomes. This analyzes the different ethnicities that are present in your DNA and helps pinpoint common genetic traits like the diseases you might be at risk for. The charts and maps you'll receive are based on autosomal testing.

There are other types of testing that some, but not all, kit companies can do. Autosomal testing can't differentiate between the two. Essentially, different types of testing can yield different results. Once you purchase your at-home DNA test kit, you'll register the kit online -- arguably the most important step of the process, because the only way you can view your results is by registering your kit before you ship it back.

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After you've registered it, you'll put a DNA sample saliva or a cheek swab into a box and send it to the designated lab for testing. In a matter of weeks, your online portal will be updated with results that can show you migratory maps, pie charts of your ethnic breakdown, and potentially health information. As mentioned above, not all at-home DNA testing kits offer the same tests.You want to discover where your ancestors came from, how they migrated around the world over the years, and why your eyes are blue.

Or, maybe you want to build-out your family tree by finding more distant cousins and relatives you never knew you had. If this describes you, then buying an ancestry DNA test is a great next step. If you have been looking for the best DNA test for your family research projectthen this guide is for you. All three are very good at what they do. You will get comprehensive and in-depth genealogy results from all of them. All three services maintain massive DNA data bases that allow you to discover new relatives from millions of DNA sets.

If you want to learn about your ancestry and connect with unknown relatives, 23andMe is a great choice. I also recommend 23andMe for those who want more privacy, as 23andMe has the tightest privacy controls of all three services. Although the less-than enthusiastic community on 23andMe can make it frustrating to those looking for matches, it is perfect for those who want to maintain anonymity.

AncestryDNA has the largest database of potential matches, which means you are more likely to find matches here than with any other service. They have additional information resources including historical documents that will help you in your search. FTDNA provides lots of tools that let you to dive deep into your genetic data and uncover more details and make more precise DNA matches than other leading services.

Also offers health screening. You want to find as many family members as possible, to build your family tree. You want in-depth information about your DNA ancestry. Professionals choose this one for a reason. Picking a company you can trust is paramount when getting your family tested.

Ancestry DNA testing was just a small component of their services. This changed in when the company was ordered to stop marketing its health package until it obtained the required regulatory approval from the FDA. So the company had no choice but to pivot fully to ancestry DNA testing.

As for the health part of the test, only raw genetic data could be provided. The moratorium from the FDA prevented them from interpreting the data into comprehensible information for customers. Today, you can learn a lot about your ancestry just by submitting a saliva sample to the company for testing. You can even find out whether you have Neanderthal DNA.

With over 10 million results in their database23andMe has also become one of the best services for building a family tree.

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You can discover new relatives continents away or even in your city. We cover the highlights of 23andMe services, below. They are part of the genealogy company, Ancestry. They are an excellent choice if you want to discover your ethnicity and build an extensive family tree. AncestryDNA ancestry testing covers 26 regions and ethnicities. If you want to find out whether you have any undiscovered relatives, AncestryDNA can help too.

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With over 20 million historical records and DNA test results of more than 15 million people, AncestryDNA allows you to delve much deeper into your family history than any other service. Comparing 23andMe vs.

xcode vs 23andme

To learn more about this service, read my in-depth AncestryDNA review. FTDNA offers more comprehensive family matching tools than any other service. It allows people to discover their ethnicity makeup and create family trees from a comprehensive database of almost 3 million records.It's an occupational hazard.

As a healthcare reporter for Business Insider, I've kept a close eye on the consumer genetics-test makers that take my sample of spit and analyze the DNA within it to find out a host of things about my ancestry and health. For years, consumer genetics has been growing in popularity, though there are some signs that the industry is slowing down. Genetic-testing companies have proprietary sets of data and various ways of analyzing information, so each one I tried offered a distinct approach.

One provided details about my great-grand-relatives, while others listed how much Neanderthal DNA I have. Over the years, I've gone back to my results time and again to find, in some cases, new reports. One test I took, National Geographic's, has been discontinued. But one thing I hadn't fully expected when I sent off my first sample of spit was that my genealogy results keep changing. Every so often, someone asks me which test I'd recommend.

xcode vs 23andme

My answer used to boil down to one question: What do you want to get out of the test? But as the information that the tests provide grows more similar Ancestry in October launched a health test in addition to its family-history reports my advice has increasingly turned to setting expectations for what people might find out in their reports — including that their results could change. Here's a breakdown of two consumer genetics tests I've taken: 23andMe and Ancestry. To analyze your DNA, 23andMe uses a technique called genotyping.

Humans have 3 billion base pairs of DNA in our genome — that's a lot of information to sift through, so genotyping technology looks for specific parts of DNA and pieces them together. The health reports can tell you information about your physical traits like whether you're likely to have dimples or curly hairwellness such as how well you metabolize caffeine or whether you're a sprinterand carrier status for certain genetic mutations.

The Food and Drug Administration now allows 23andMe to provide reports on a person's genetic risk for certain diseases, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, and certain mutations associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. The test has more than 80 reportsand more get added all the time. I often get emails telling me that a new test is ready for me — recently I got one that looks at my genetic risk of celiac disease.

With 23andMe's ancestry reports, users have access to information about their ancestry composition which geographic regions your genes align withhaplogroups genetic populations that share a common ancestorand Neanderthal ancestry. Customers also get access to a tool called DNA Relatives, which 23andMe users can opt into as a way to connect with other users in the system who might be relatives.

In23andMe updated its ancestry reports to provide more specific regional information. My report used to specify just Scandinavian ancestrybut then it pinpointed Norway as a country where my ancestors lived within the past years. A year later, my results had changed again. Interestingly, the report didn't break down what percent Swedish and what percent Norwegian I was. Instead, it showed me the regions in both countries I likely have ancestors from. For example, I may have had a Finnish ancestor sometime in the early to mids or late s, while my French and German ancestors date even earlier.

Verdict: If you're looking at this test as a science experiment, using it to get involved in research, or viewing it as a chance to learn about your genetic health risks, then this is a fit for you.

But if you opt for the full test, there are some considerations that patient groups and genetic counselors would like you to take into account. Just be prepared to keep checking back in to see how your results might have changed. In October, Ancestry made a massive change by getting into the health-reports part of the consumer-genetics business.

Compared with 23andMe, my Ancestry results didn't have a lot of variation over the years — until February.

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When I went back in for another lookthere were some pretty big changes. By my calculations, I should be about I often brought up the massive discrepancy in conversations with my family for the next few months, though at the end of the day it didn't really change any of our traditions.

But in anticipation of the new health tests, I went back to my Ancestry results in October.

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